E01 | 6 Reasons you might struggle to earn a living online

"Today we’re going to figure out if YOU have what it takes to earn a living online. But first: I have some good news for you. And that is that there are literally endless opportunities out there for earning money online. Just to name a few:
- Designing greeting cards
- Becoming a voice talent
- Working as a virtual bridal consultant
- Becoming a mock online juror

These aren’t just ideas. These are actual online job opportunities that you can apply for today, and do from anywhere in the world.”


“There are endless ways you CAN earn a living online, but some are easier than others. Let’s run through 9 different types of online business, and figure out which is best for you.

E03 | Why You Should NOT Follow Your Passion

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have a day in your life.” You know who said that? Confucius. He was a Chinese philosopher who lived some 2,500 years ago. He said many things, but the quote isn't one of them. You may have heard the same advice in different words: "Follow your passion." Well, I'm here to tell you that that advice. Yes, really. Forget passion.”

E04 | Why You Should NOT Follow Your Passion

It's time to figure out what skill you are going to build to make money freelancing online. To do this, you'll need to answer the following three questions: What Are You Deep Passionate About? What can you be the best in the world at? What can you get paid to?”

E05 | How To Rapidly Build Your Skill

“In this lesson you are going to learn why you don't need some kind of Super Expert to start earning good money online. You don't need to spend years studying, learning or practicing a specific skill. You don't have to have years of professional experience. You don't need any references. You don't have to have a degree or masters. Actually, you do not have any formal qualifications at all to build a successful online business.”

E06 | How To Earn Your First $ 100 Online This Weekend

"How do we actually find those people who are happy to pay someone like you do some work for them online? And how do we convince them that YOU are the right person for the job? You use these 3 methods:

The Billboard Method,

The Door-To-Door Method

The Classified Method."

E07 | Working Online For € 9 Per Hour - Is This A Joke ??

Now why would I do such a thing? Why would I go around sharing a job with good, honest people? I'll tell you why. It's because I believe € 9 / hour is a good-value, good-value hotel for business travelers, especially for working on a flexible schedule. Sure, € 9 / hour is not going to earn a lot of living, but here's the key thing: It's a start!

E08 | threat assessment

Goal → Threat → Neutralize

Since you're doing this course, I'm going to assume that your goal is to build an online business. And to give yourself the best chance of success, it's worth considering the biggest threats to that goal, and having to neutralize those threats.

E09 | How To Free 10 Hours Per Week To Build Your Online Business

Why 10 hours?

This is the minimum amount of time I recommend to have an online business.

Anything less than 10 hours per week, and it's hard to build momentum and make steady progress. For everyone else, freeing up 10 hours a week should indeed be possible.

You are required to make some hard choices and sacrifices, but the time is there if you want it.